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Damask pink rose buds, dehydrated (50g)

Damask pink rose buds, dehydrated (50g)

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Dehydrated pink rose buds.


Damask pink rose buds, dehydrated (50g) chosen for decorating desserts or making teas. These buds, which we sell, are locally produced and dehydrated for a long time, at low temperatures, in order to keep the color and beneficial properties.

They are ideal for decorating cakes with cream, cakes or cupcakes. Rose buds are used to make a special and flavored tea. Their scent is intoxicating and every petal is so precious to health. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, having multiple benefits, due to the content of antioxidants, vitamins (A, C, D, E and K), pectin, citric acid and malic acid.

In oriental cuisine, chopped rose buds are used in a spice mixture called ras-el-hanout; Along with them, other spices can be found, such as lavender, black cumin, long pepper, scorus fruit, etc.

At the same time, rosebuds can be used in hot infusions of milk or liquid cream to obtain a delicate floral aroma.

Another extremely popular idea is to use glazed rosebuds for various recipes.

Rose buds used in the confectionery and pastry industry can be associated with vanilla, cinnamon, anise or cloves.

The dried buds of the roses are kept in a hermetically sealed container, sheltered from air, light, heat and moisture. In this way they will last a few months.


50g packs.

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