Hazelnuts caramel, hazelnut...
Hazelnuts caramel, hazelnut...
Hazelnuts caramel, hazelnut...

Hazelnuts caramel, hazelnut bresilienne Barry Callebaut

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Hazelnuts roasted and caramelized, crisp granules. P>


caramelized hazelnuts from Callebaut, you have a wonderful texture, crisp and tasty cakes on hand to give you extra flavor and texture. Simply sprinkle with melted chocolate before it hardens to create crunchy hazelnut chocolate. Mixed with chocolate gianduja, ganache or caramel, peanuts will keep the crunch. They can be used in the composition of the dough or sprinkled over it and then baked in the oven. P>

The manufacturer rcarmmends not to mix peanuts cream or prepared on the basis of liquid, because in a short period of time, can turn thus lost solid appearance. P>

This is vacuum-packed in a protective film to preserve the fresh taste. P>

Sprinkle desserts, pastry, drinks served 'to the minute' '. If you are lover of drinks hot chocolate sprinkle granules of these great peanut Bresilienne and you get a taste and a unique design. P>

INGREDIENTS: sugar, 37% hazelnuts p>

Quantity: 1kg p>

may contain peanuts and other nuts or traces of milk! p>


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