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Red dye, Silikomart foodgrade red gel...

Red dye, Silikomart foodgrade red gel color i78

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Food coloring gel.


Red coloring, Silikomart foodgrade red gel color i78 with concentrated pigment, recommended for coloring sugar paste and mirror glazes.

The tube is provided with an applicator. Add a few drops and mix gently.

Quantity 15g.

Ingredients: water, corn glucose syrup, sugar, humectant: agar (E422), acidity regulator: citric acid (E330), preservative: potassium sorbate (E0202), coloring: Allura RedAc (E129)*

ATTENTION * It can have an adverse effect on children's activity and attention.

May contain: soy beans, milk.

How to use: Pour a few drops of dye and mix. Maximum dose: 3 g/kg . Product for professional use, not to be used as such.

Keep away from heat, hot surfaces and out of reach of children.

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