Edible image Amalfi Inspirations

Edible image Amalfi Inspirations

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Images printed on sugarpaste sheets

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Model image of ceramic plates, printed on the sugar paste sheet, or the transfer sheet for chocolate, or the transfer sheet for meringue / marshmallows. Edible image Amalfi Inspirations is a model that takes you to the coast of Italy and fresh and refreshing aromas of lemon. The pictures can be used as a texture, a border or cut out with the help of a cookie cutter into small squares. (the side is about 4.7cm)

The sheet of sugar paste is used as such, you just peel it off the plastic support and apply it directly to the cake covered in paste/mouldable chocolate/marzipan.

To transfer the model from the acetate foil, temper the chocolate to 31.5 °C, place the print on the chocolate and refrigerate for 15 minutes,  at a temperature between 4-8 °C. After hardening the chocolate, carefully, from one corner, lift the plastic foil. Before use, the transfer sheet should be kept in a dry place  cool (between 15 and 20 °C). It is recommended to use only white chocolate.

The transfer sheet for the marshmallows is placed directly in the tray without a baking sheet. The oven is heated to a temperature of 70-80 ° C and the ventilation is turned on. Acetate foil is for the food industry and withstands the oven up to temperatures of maximum 90 ° C.


approx. 20cm x 29cm

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