Cherries with stem for dcarration
Cherries with stem for dcarration

Cherries with stem for dcarration

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fruit with stem, in syrup to complete the design of cookies, cakes, cocktails, fruit salad, ice cream cups etc. Maraschino cherries name comes from the Croatian Marasca fruit and the liqueur made from them, that preserve cherries. When they became known skyrocketed s request, they have bcarme delicacies for the very rich.

INGREDIENTS Cherry; syrup (Water, sugar, glucose); Flavors s.b.t .; color: red E127, E102 yellow, blue E133, E102 + E131 green; 0.2% citric acid.

Shelf life: Lead 42 months, the container unsealed 30 days at a temperature of less than + 7 ° C

weight: 800 g net weight 420 gr.

** Please choose from the menu the desired color.

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