Custom image - colorful balloons
Custom image - colorful balloons

Custom image - colorful balloons

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Your fetiteti framed picture in a frame with colorful balloons. The image is printed with edible ink on the sheet of sugar paste. This paper is the size of an A4 sheet and is slightly thicker than a normal sheet. Because of this support and the method of printing, the image can not be rendered accurately can be placed on cakes wrapped in: fondant, marzipan, vegetable cream, buttercream. It can be kept for a long time if sealed and stored in a dry place away from moisture (not in the refrigerator)

To be able to process the image after rcarrding order on the site, please send your picture at . In the email name that is registered specify your order and other details if you want to appear on the edible image. The rcarmmendation is that the baby pictures to be of a higher quality, a light-colored background. Please ensure your image before you send an e-mail. We can not respond to discrepancies between the printout and customer needs, If the picture output does not match (brightness, contrast, etc.).

Note: Images submitted must be as clear as possible, Ready print and be accompanied by details of printing / cutting. for details that are not submitted will proceed as it sees fit. Although we provide graphics processing, we can help with simple changes, but we can not take responsibility for the result, this operation is not included in our services.

If the sheets are exposed at a temperature lower than + 15 ° C, let stand at room temperature for a period before use.

Ingredients: modified starch (40%) - maltodextrin, wetting agents: E422, sugar- water Stabilizer: E414, E460i, dextroza- emulsifier: E435, E491, E471, colorant: E171, flavors, preservatives: E202, E330, sweetener: E955.

Size: < br /> about. 20cm x 29cm

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