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Mycrio cocoa butter, Callebaut

Mycrio cocoa butter, Callebaut

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0.6 Kg of powdered cocoa butter p>


cocoa butter, Mycrio, 100% Callebaut powder is a cocoa butter. It can be used both for tempering chocolate confectionery, and in various recipes for cooking. The packaging is provided with details to cuisine, from roasting meats, fish or vegetables, highlighting their taste. P>

The powder is ideal for tempering chocolate, when you want to use a smaller amount of chocolate. Melt the chocolate to a temperature of 40-45 C is mixed to 34 C and add 1% powder cocoa butter. P>

Another process to which it may use the cocoa butter is for gelation moussourilor, particularly for desserts type entremet. P>

Mycrio is 100% vegetable, 0% cholesterol and withstand temperatures up to 200 C without changes. P>

Quantity: 600gr. P>

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