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Pure coffee extract


High quality food seasoning, 100% natural, used to flavor desserts, cakes or drinks.

Pure Coffee Extract is obtained by cold extraction of the aromatic components present in the best quality coffee beans. The aroma of the extract is very intense, identical to that of a good quality espresso. The extract is concentrated, with a specific coffee color and aroma. It may have sediment from the coffee beans.

Ingredients: extract from freshly roasted coffee beans (Coffea arabica), alcohol (min. 35%), water

Available quantities: 50 ml., 250 ml., 500 ml. and 1,000 ml.

How to use: It can be added as is or cooked in ice cream recipes, cakes, cookies or wherever the irresistible aroma of espresso coffee is desired. Our recommendation for use is one spoonful of extract for every 500 gr. composition, but it is not a problem to use more extract if a stronger flavor is desired.

To obtain the coffee extract with the best aroma, certified organic coffee beans are used. The content of coffee beans / liter of alcohol used is approximately 38%, which gives a high concentration of aroma to the finished product.

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